Huichol cow skull decorated with beads

Huichol cow skull decorated with beads


A magnificent Huichol resin cow skull intricately decorated with beads, in a contemporary grey and light blue colour combination. This piece was specially commissioned for MexArt.

The peyote design at the centre of the forehead symbolizes the spiritual links between earth and the universe.

The word Huichol means soothsayer or shaman. The shaman links the community with the “other world” from where their creativity pours forth as a gift from their deified ancestors, to be given back as offerings to the gods. The Huichol artists originate from the Sierra Madre Mountains in the states of Jalisco and Nayarit.

The piece has a hole on the back to enable it to be wall-mounted.

Dimensions: 43cm (w) x 28cm (d) x 67cm (h)
Weight: 3.70 kg

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